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Blazon Solutions strives to provide high quality CLI route for terminating inbound calls globally. Also with their direct interconnection with mobile and fixed line operators worldwide,We also carries the voice of the nation to the rest of the world by providing high quality routes for the outbound traffic from all over the globe. With our global presence and meticulously designed network topology we are continuously reducing the geographical barrier and bridging lives everywhere.Our Company developed associations with many Telecom carriers to build a strong community so that we are able to originate calls from any part of the world. To get market quicker, we are taking necessary steps of improvement of fast, reliable and proficient interconnection process. Quick interconnection, immediate minute volumes, timely billing, on time payment and trustable agreement make us the perfect strategic customer for your destination offerings.

Our Services

Blazon Solutions has a global distribution network serving foreign-born communities, generating billions of international minutes.We also provides services that brings these minutes into the wholesale market, providing buying as well as selling opportunities for clients. The bilateral deals that they can offer gives you access to high volume, high quality traffic from the key destinations, including the US. It is an internet telephony service based on IP technology which enables you to make international and national calls from anywhere in the world at local rates.

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Our company presents the best Voice solutions for businesses, call centers and home users. We know how to appreciate our clients and improve our services.

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